Over the past decades the economic climate has changed a lot, both export opportunities and export potential have increased. The growing number of interests arriving also from beyond our borders have indicated new and new requirements. There is growing demand for distinguishing marks, trademarks drawing attention to outstanding achievements. By founding and operating the Value and Quality Award Tender System, the Announcers and supporters are giving greater opportunities to businesses intending to rise from the domestic and international product range by emphasizing the high quality of their product. The Value and Quality Award Trademark will represent the “excellence” in accordance with today's requirements based on ancient traditions.

Trophy of the Value and Quality Award

Porcelain Factory Ltd. in Hollóháza

Careful human hands are creating the hand casted porcelain products in Hollóháza on the basis of experience of centuries. Respecting the traditions inherited by generations, however taking advantage of the modern technology, a constantly renewing modern and live product has been born on old bases.

Magic how an artwork is created by man from dust and fire! Through this spell over generations, the founders’ dream, trophy as emblem of Value and Quality Award came true.

Ont the basis of the decision made by Board of Announcers the most prominent tenders gain the honorable title of Value and Quality Award together with one year free use of the Value and Quality Award Trademark.

The award is attested by an English-Hungarian honorary diploma designed by the graphic artist, Gábor Sárkány as well as by a unique applied arts trophy made by the creative team of Porcelain Factory in Hollóháza.

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