No question is that the COVID-19 epidemic also dealt a severe blow to the Hungarian economy, having significant impact on the corporate sector, especially on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the situation due to a coronavirus epidemic, enterprises having activities in different sectors of the economy have to face serious but different difficulties in almost all sectors. Many of them are struggling with financing difficulties, using all their energy for keeping their markets and workforce. However, there are also businesses being able to grow despite the adversities of recent months and it appears that they have formed into real crisis-resistant companies. Every new situation also has the potential for renewal.

The Government of Hungary launched the Economic Protection Action Plan in March 2020 to moderate the economic recession caused by the epidemic. The measures in the action plan are constantly expanding.

The main areas of the action plan: protection of jobs, job creation, strengthening of key sectors of the national economy, financing of enterprises, and protection of families and pensioners. In proportion to GDP, the Hungarian government launched one of the largest economic protection programs in Europe. While productivity can be increased in most sectors of the Hungarian economy, the primary consideration in export-oriented industries is to improve overall competitiveness together with deepening innovation and knowledge of market trends, ie developing products and services to be sold on international markets. Without them, companies will not be able to compete with their foreign competitors and to become regionally or globally relevant actors in the market.

The competitiveness of products and services in both the domestic and international markets is primarily ensured by the excellent quality being confirmed and justified by a quality certification mark.

Trademarks allow market players to be competitive in the market and to distinguish their products/services from those of competitors through their trademarks. Trademarks are also important tools for informing consumers. They provide information to consumers about a given product and service. Trademarks create contact between the product and its manufacturer, as well as between the service and its provider, they play an important role in indicating quality, they develop consumer culture, but their advertising and investment stimulating function is also indisputable.

In view of the above, we consider our priority to contribute to the promotion of the marketability of companies' products and services and to increase their competitiveness. Keeping this in mind, we are operating the Value and Quality Award Tender System, in the framework of which the winning companies have the possibility to gain the honourable title "Value and Quality Award" as well as the right to use the Value and Quality Award Certification Trademark with high-quality products and services. The Value and Quality Award Certification Trademark embodies and expresses Hungary's recognition and commitment to values and certified quality.

As we consider our priority to help restart economic growth by announcing and operating the Value and Quality Award Tender System, we are pleased to announce that the Tender is launched again this year as well. It can be a cause for confidence for all of us that in 2020, despite the extraordinary circumstances caused by the epidemic, 39 applications from 33 applicants won the title of Value and Quality Award and gained the right to use the Value and Quality Award Certification Trademark.

The Value and Quality Award Trademark is giving us security and strength! Its wearing secures positive distinction for its user and promotes Hungary's most important treasure, the performance of our "gray stock".

The Call for Proposals and Procedures for the 2021 Value and Quality Award Tender, the Application Form, and the guidelines for the eligibility documents required to submit an application are available on our website.

National, public and one-round call for applications

is invited by

DIAMOND Management Office Ltd.
ExVa Ltd. Testing - Certification
HAJNAL Meat Processing Factory Ltd.
Legrand Hungary Electricity Systems CJSC.
SZÁM-PONT Computer Science and Training Center Ltd.

as members of Board of Announcers of Value and Quality Award
for gaining the right to use the trademark of the Value and Quality Award of the year 2021

Main Patron of events of the Value and Quality Award
is Mr. János Latorcai Dr., Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.

Special support is given
by the State Secretariat for Nation Policy at the Prime Minister's Office.

Professional sponsor of the competition
is the National Food Chain Safety Authority

Foreign supporter of the tender
is Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania

Strategic partners:
Communautrade-Europe Ltd. (CTEU)
Association for Food Entrepreneurs' Competitiveness
Trade Magazin.